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Amazon Appstore distribution signing issue

We're trying to release a new version of our application via Amazon so that it is available to both Kindle devices and to Google devices with the Amazon Appstore app installed. Part of our app has a mapping component, that uses Google Maps. We check for the presence of Google Maps on startup and if it is not present, we do not show the mapping component - this works fine on Kindle devices. However, for Google devices we're running into a problem. Our app has been rejected and we were told "When an app is submitted to Amazon Appstore, our ingestion process would re-sign the app with an Amazon certificate. The ingested app is failing to authenticate with Google Maps because of that. So registering their Amazon hash key in their Google account would fix the issue." We were able to obtain the SHA-1 for our app from Amazon (but strangely it did not appear under our account settings) and we have added the SHA-1 with our package name to the Google API Console. Do we need to create a new APK with the API Key that was given to us when we added our SHA-1 + package name on the API Console?
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First of all, I can not see any app registered with your account. So you might be using other account than your developer account with Amazon. So I am unable to trace your app status. But from your post it seems like your app is in pending state due to the map issue. And now that you have updated the SHA1 fingerprint of the certificate that is used to to sign your apk, you need to resubmit the current version with out any change in your apk so that our testing can pick up your app for retest. If you have further concern, please raise a ContactUs ( from your developer account. Thanks.
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