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Appstore submission rejected - Unclear how to proceed

Our app was rejected and the following reason was provided: [i]" " makes use of a hardware feature not found on Kindle Fire. For your app to work on Kindle Fire, it needs to be compatible with the device’s specifications. Your app must not require a gyroscope, camera, WAN module, Bluetooth, microphone, GPS, or micro-SD to function. If your app currently requires access to any of these hardware features, we recommend that you either remove the features that require these services or modify them to degrade gracefully when invoked (e.g., with an error message such as “This feature is not currently available on this device”). Please note that if your app’s core functionality requires hardware features that are unavailable on Kindle Fire, your app will not be supported.[/i] Our app does indeed use the camera, where available. If the device does not have a camera, we display a message saying [i]This feature requires a device with a camera[/i]. The reviewer noted the following: Steps to recreate error: 1. Install and launch the app. 2. Tap on menu icon on the top left corner. 3. Tap on deposit checks. 4. App throws custom error message -"This feature requires a device with a camera". It is unclear what we need to do here to proceed. We are degrading gracefully by providing an error message when the user attempts to use the feature that requires the camera. Despite this, our app has been rejected. We would like to know exactly what is wrong with our current implementation, which has been reviewed and approved multiple times before and we would like clear instructions on how to proceed here. Message was edited by: eoinoc83
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As I said in your another post, I can not see any app registered with your account. So you might be using other account than your developer account with Amazon. So I am unable to trace your app status. Hence you need to file a ContactUs ( to get your app specific things clarified from our team.
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