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Lack of support for Android Studio??

Dear Amazon (support/developers) Please do not become like Google where you do not make any effort whatsoever to assist developers that want to get on board with distributing apps on amazon and using the Amazon adds system. I have searched the Internet, stackoverflow, etc and cannot find a solution to just get started with an app using android Studio 0.8.9. All your docs are outdated and the support forums is not providing any answers. While I am a big fan of Amazon, I am now deciding whether it would even be worthwhile to invest my time and resources into developing apps for a company who will later turn out to be just like Google and are just interested in taking many and don't bother with proper support. Please have a developer within Amazon use the Latest Android Studio and create a new tutorial on how to get started. I would appreciate that and so would a lot of other developers. If this is too much to ask, please tell us because I base my relationship with any company solely on the extend to which they go to help their clients/customers etc. If you are saying that a new updated tutorial cannot be done within the next 2 days after knowing since June/July if not earlier, then I am not developing for Amazon and rather staying away. This is because new/small developers like myself is dependent on the little we make from apps. And if issues cannot be resolved fast enough, we suffer big time. So please help us and keep the respect and support I have for Amazon going strong. Kind Regards Matrix
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Hello Matrix, Thank you for your feedback. While we work on getting the appropriate internal team to update our MobileAds documentation to include Android Studio integration, I would invite you to read our blog post from 5/27/2014 as a supplement to the MobileAds Quick Start Guide, as it does include Android Studio documentation as to how to modify your project's build.gradle file to appropriately build with the MobileAds SDK for your app. If there are other questions, we would be happy to answer them, however we believe this should get you started on the right track.
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