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Rejected twice. Poor / confusing feedback. Ignored when requested clarity.

Hope someone at Amazon can help me. I'm finding the submission process very disheartening... My app was rejected initially on 2 points. 1. Fatal crashing at random. 2. Blocking the use of the media buttons (play, pause, previous and next tracks etc), such that other apps running (presumably the music player) were inhibited from working correctly. I disputed the first point; the app, has never crashed for me, and Amazon were not able to provide me with steps to reproduce the problem. I fixed the issue relating the media buttons. My app was rejected again; this time, no mention of the supposed random crashing (and still no feedback to my asking them how to reproduce etc). However, they did still mention the media buttons (which I had fixed and tested). They also brought up a new issue. That two player mode can still be selected, even if only one joypad is connected. Fair enough on that point; but I think it would be better for Amazon to provide a complete list of all issues that need resolving; on the first rejection they give you, rather than adding new issues, with each subsequent rejection. I've made several attempts to ask for clarification; but have largely been ignored. Come on Amazon, what gives? You can do better than this...
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Sorry you are having issues getting your app approved. I took a look a your app myself and was able to replicate a crash after the app was idling for about 5 minutes. I did not see a Force Close message did not see anything relevant in the logs. Do you have a version with more granular logging that I could try? If so, file a contact us and we will take a look. Thanks.
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