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Review Process for App Built for Fire OS 5

I created a Fire TV app that requires Fire OS 5 in order to run (due to the use of the Leanback library, which isn't officially supported until Fire OS 5). When I initially submitted this app last September, it was approved for the new Fire TV, but the review results stated that the app didn't install on the Fire TV Stick and the 1st generation Fire TV. I presumed at the time that this was simply because the reviewers were testing using the latest publicly available release, and since those devices were still on Fire OS 3, the app wouldn't install because of the minSdkVersion in my manifest. With the understanding that older devices are now getting upgraded to Fire OS 5 as we speak, I submitted an update that I had been holding until this time. This time, however, the app was approved for the new Fire TV and for the Fire TV Stick, but I was told the following for the original Fire TV: ------------------------------- FireTV-01- Install: App fails to install on device Steps to reproduce Steps to reproduce: 1. Purchase and sync the app. 2. App does not sync or downloads. Expected Result: After purchasing ASIN and Sync'ing Amazon Content, app must install and be accessible from Apps > Your Apps Library. ------------------------------- Now, I suspect this may be because the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote is now shipping with Fire OS 5 as well, but according to the software updates page (, the current version for the Fire TV 2014 is still Fire OS 3. However, there really isn't enough detail here to know if that truly is the case. I cannot really procure an older Fire TV for testing myself easily, nor am I sure it is necessary in this instance. Anyone else experience the same thing? Once the software updates page shows Fire OS 5 for all devices, can I resubmit the same binary for review again, or do I need to recompile the same code as a new release? I'm not sure if clicking the Submit App button again on the live version would trigger a retest of the current APK or not. Any guidance so that I know the best timing and approach to take here would be much appreciated. I don't want to just keep randomly submitting new APKs periodically.
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Hi, Fire OS 5 is rolling out to all Fire TV devices, so now would likely be a good time to submit this again if you are still having issues. -Nick
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