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Interesting Discovery-Launch sideloaded apps directly from the FireTV menu

I have sideloaded a couple of apps on my Fire TV stick using ADB, but up until now could only launch them by going through the setup menu and "manage all applications", which is inconvenient. However I decided to sideload the standard Amazon App Store apk from the web to see if I can actually install what I want directly from the store instead of sideloading. I found that the standard App Store works just fine and looks just like on a regular Android Tablet or phone when started. The most interesting thing though, is that it must have overwritten the FireTV app store apk and the side effect is that the Apps section of the FireTV menu now looks like Android Apps draw and I can launch whatever I have installed directly from icons instead of having to go through the setup menu. I find this much more convenient and am very happy with this discovery. The only side effect is that the Recent menu doesn't seem to start apps like Netflix any more, but this is a small price to pay for having the regular apps draw back! Note to Amazon, I think the Apps menu item should open up a draw or at least a bookshelf display like on the Fire Tablet so that any apps installed can be directly accessed the app store should also be more like the Tablet. I think the apps side of the FireTV stick is it's weakest point currently and it's clearly capable of being different judging by my experience with the regular app store APK and it's effect on the FireTV stick menu system.
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