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HDCP protection punishes computer monitor users unfairly

I purchased a Fire Stick in July. It worked fine until mid August when it automatically updated itself and then stopped working entirely. Well, okay not entirely. My monitor showed only a gray static screen after the initial amazon logo splash screen, but I noticed that I could still hear audio when I pressed the buttons on the remote. Also I could still connect to it via ADB, so I knew it was definitely connected to WiFi. I contacted the support team and after brief trouble shootingthe agreed to send me a new stick. The new stick worked fine at first, but after the update it again refused to output video and reverted to the gray static screen So, the replacement stick did not solve my issue, but it helped me to diagnose the problem. I am certain that there was nothing wrong with my original device's hardware. It would seem that the culprit was the HDCP protection in the firmware update The device still functions fine with my LG projector and I am still happy with the product overall and it, but I am disappointed that it will not function with my primary monitor. I would like to offer a few suggestions as to how this problem could be remedied Option 1 - Release a firmware update/patch that includes HDCP, but remedies the existing monitor/TV incompatibilities (Samsung TVs, Asus, etc) Option 2 - Allow users to have root access so they can choose to rollback to previous firmware at their discretion. Option 3 - Abandon DHCP. I have been a long time user of android mini PC's made by obscure Chinese manufacturers such as Tronsmart, Uhost, Rikomagic, etc. So I was initially a little intrigued to see that Amazon had used a similar platform to launch their own TV stick, but ultimately it offers little advantage over the more vanilla android models offered by the Chinese companies. The chief advantages would be: 1) The bundled remote 2) Custom TV interface 3) Competitive price but otherwise the Chinese products are superior because they offer: 1) Better WiFi reception with external antennas 2) Pre-rooted easily modifiable firmware that presents no incompatibility issues. Again thanks for your help. Please do away with this ridiculous DHCP, that does little to deter pirates, but unfairly punishes honest consumers of. Hunter Wesson
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