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USB host permissions dialog won't display on Fire TV

My app contains a driver supporting Xbox One controllers for devices without native support (most devices these days). I'm using Android's USB host APIs (UsbManager, UsbDeviceConnection, and friends) on a Fire TV 2nd generation. As part of claiming a USB device, I must request permission using the system UI. I verified that my code is getting to this point where I'm calling UsbManager.requestPermission(), but I'm not seeing the system UI dialog come up that allows the user to approve the request to claim the USB device. I verified that my code works on various Android devices, including the Nexus Player running Android TV 5.1.1 and 6.0. However, on my Fire HD 6 also running Fire OS 5, I do see the dialog and my code works properly. This appears to be specific to Fire OS running on Fire TV devices. Interestingly I do see a message from ActivityManager that indicates that it tried to show the dialog: 12-03 22:57:10.372 496-997/? I/ActivityManager: START u0 {flg=0x10000000 (has extras)} from uid 1000 on display 0 Any thoughts?
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