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inspect debugging on installed app (based on cordova) on fire tv stick

Hello all, We have an app called “nexxCanvas.apk”, which is based on cordova. We have to run this app on all the platforms like android tv, mobile and also amazon fire tv. We were successful is debugging this apk on android tv (using usb debugging and chrome://inspect). Now, we want to debug this app on amazon fire tv stick. There are lot of documents that are present in your website for ADB debugging. I followed each and every method from your website. ADB debugging, helped me to only install our apk on the fire tv stick. Our apk got installed and we are able to run our app on fire tv stick. However, what exactly we are looking for is to debug the app while it is working and fix the issue we have in our app to run smoothly on fire tv stick. I am giving the links of the methods we followed. and also many other mentioned in the forums. The web app tester method is not useful in our case as our app is huge one and we are inside webview. Our fire tv stick is of latest version, and, I am also aware that webview is removed for the devices running android v 4.4 and above. I want to debug the app and inspect the app in chrome://inspect. I am also aware that fire tv stick uses chromium browser. Therefore, there are no information in your website on how to debug( like chrome inspect ) the .apk installed on fire tv stick. Please note that our app is based on cordova. Therefore, it would be of great help if you can let us know the way to inspect the installed apk (based on cordova ) on fire tv stick. Please note: In our fire tv stick, we have only two developer options 1. ADB debugging 2. Allow installation from unknown source. But, in some websites I also saw the screen shots of fire tv having one more developer option i.e USB debugging. This is missing in our fire tv stick. Thank you
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Hi rakeshmurthyn, I assume this issue has been resolved with an answer on another thread: However, just to close the loop, and for other devs reading this, before using chrome://inspect developers should normally follow the instructions here: Are you using the Android port of Cordova? First thing is to verify that you are able to see the device with the command 'adb devices'. The device should be listed with status 'device' and not offline or anything else. Another thing to check is the Android manifest. It should have the debuggable attribute set to true: From the Cordova Android source code following is the logic that enables debugging: [code] //Determine whether we're in debug or release mode, and turn on Debugging! ApplicationInfo appInfo = webView.getContext().getApplicationContext().getApplicationInfo(); if ((appInfo.flags & ApplicationInfo.FLAG_DEBUGGABLE) != 0 && android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= android.os.Build.VERSION_CODES.KITKAT) { enableRemoteDebugging(); } [/code] This may not work if the Fire TV hasn't been updated yet. Please provide us with the Fire OS version to determine if this could be the case. Thanks!
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