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Fire TV Suggestions

Although I'm enjoying my Fire TV there are a couple of issuess that are making it difficult for me to keep it and not jump ship to a more flexible device like the Minix X8-H Plus 1. I, like many others use a wireless keyboard made for devices such as these, at the moment I'm using a Logitech K400. Everytime I want to tpye something the virtue keyboard shows up making it a very awkward experiance. Please add a feature to disable the internal keyboard. 2. Please add a web browser, assuming people wouldn't want to use this for web surfing is well, kind of silly. 3. Please show every app installed, including the side loaded ones in the app tray. I can't tell you enough how annoying it is to go to the system panel to launch my apps. What kind of apps you ask, Opera (going back for the need for a web browser), FX File Explorer (self explanatory as to why someone would need a file manager that can also access every cloud storage they have an account with, I store every movie that I rip in Google Drive and OneDrive, then stream them to my Fire TV via VLC), VLC (stream my local library of films), Kodi ( it's the best thing you could possibly have installed on a any Android TV set-box), MoboGenie (too add all of those apps that aren't available in the Amazon store and ape ctually work quite well on the Fire TV ) and many more. I'm sure my list is nothing new to you guys but if you could please let me know if you plan on adding any of them soon that would be great. I need to make a decsion whether or not it's worth investing any more time or money on the platform. I would like to start purchasing movies and TV shows from the Amazon store but if the platform will continue to be crippled the way it is I can still use your services a much more capable device. I don't mean to be so direct but I have asked the help desk countless times if anything from my list would be addedd only to be ignored. My wishes are valid and are part of almost every other Android TV set-box on the market. Hardware wise you guys are still amonst the best, software though still has a lot of room for improvement. FYI, trying to type this with my Logitech keyboard through Opera was absolutely brutal, Opera worked just fine but that darn virtual keyboard kept popping up every 15 seconds or so, please, please for the love of God, give us the ability to disable it.
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Hi Charles, Thanks for your suggestions. Please note that this is a forum for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick developers. As an end customer, please feel free to contact Amazon Customer Service for support at or post in the Fire forums (
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