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Ability to communicate with FireTV App (through Fling or DIAL)

Hi! Wa are investigating the Amazon Fire TV “second screen“ device capabilities and stuck with some misunderstanding. On one hand, you are providing the Fling SDK for mobile devices which allows us to communicate with the apps (apps are called “players” in documentation, in docs is mentioned that we can: Send custom commands to the Fire TV receiver app for playback.) On another, there are a various application types on the device (e.g “android” apps, HTML5 apps etc..). 1. Could you please explain what approach for app development we should use, so we are able to communicate with the app by Amazon Fling transport? 2. Also we have considered this question from another side as well. As we understand FireTV is supporting DIAL protocol. The question is - is it possible to communication with web apps by DIAL? Thnx! Oleg
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Hi Oleg, Thanks for the feedback ! We will improve our documentation because of it. A 'player' app is same as a 'receiver' app. This *Fire TV* app receives commands from the 'controller' app on mobile devices and also plays the media. Hence, the names have been used interchangeably. We see that it can cause confusion and will ensure consistency. To answer your questions: 1. For Android devices, the Amazon Fling SDK supports Android app development model on mobile devices. If you package your HTML5 app into an APK as a hybrid app, you can integrate with Amazon Fling SDK. Cordova bridge support is in our backlog to provide. We suggest Android app development model to integrate Amazon Fling SDK. 2. Fire TV does support web apps with minimal porting. Please refer to for details. Also, DIAL integration for these web apps is possible as explained here: Hope this helps.
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