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How to run the Alexa PushToTalk Sample App

[b]Summary[/b] As part of the PushToTalkKit SDK, we include a sample app to help you get started developing your own apps. In order to run this sample app, please follow these steps:     1. Using the command line, navigate into the samples folder in the SDK     2. If you have ant installed, you should be able to simply type ant and the sample app will build and run.         - If you don’t have ant installed, you can install it from     3. To use the sample app, you will need to paste in a LWA access token.         - You can read the process of obtaining the LWA access token in the “Getting Started with the Alexa PushToTalkKit” pdf included in the documentation folder for the SDK." [b]Keywords:[/b] Sample, Access, Alexa [KB_114]
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