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Way to set app Ratings

Is there a way to just set the app rating directly to, say, "Guidance Suggested", instead of setting the all the different options on Content Rating page? Or at least know what we're getting on the Content Rating page before making the submission? The ratings we got on our apps don't seem to fit what's described on Rating Definitions pop-up you get when you click on the rating (for example, it says "All Ages" contains no advertisements, yet we keep getting that rating for our apps with ads), are they assigned subjectively? Could we make this at least consistent? We have 4 apps, all dealing with war and vehicular combat (no gore, no torn limbs, no blood). All 4 apps contain advertisements. And they were all submitted with the same identical settings on Content Rating page (Yes to first two lines violence, Yes to advertisement, No to everything else). Yet 1 is given "All Ages" rating, 1 is given "Guidance Suggested", 2 are given "Mature". So we got 3 different Ratings from the exact same Content Rating page submitted. Before the current versions, we noticed they had "All Ages" even though they contain advertisements and moderate violence. Based on the Rating Definitions, we thought our apps should be rated "Guidance Suggested", so we upped the violence setting from Moderate to Strong, hoping that would bring them up one level to "Guidance Suggested". Now, 2 of the apps are "Mature" (which seems too far), and 1 is still at "For All Ages". I'm not sure what we can do to get the correct rating... Thanks,
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