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kindle fire HD install over previous app

Hi, I am trying to install a new version of an app (same bundle id) made with a different engine. the original app was done with pixelboost and the updated one is done with unity3d. The original app saves a save file in data/data/bundleid/files (checked this with rooted devices). When installing the updated app on top, during the splash screen it checks if that file exists and grabs the values from it before deleting the save file. I have tested this with google play and galaxy s3, galaxy nexus, and galaxy tab3 and it works fine. I am now testing this with the amazon app store and a kindle fire hd and it fails, I keep on getting a debug log that the save file doesn't exist. Here is the procedure: first i make sure the app is not present on the device. go to the amazon store and download and install the original app. play a couple of levels to make sure it generates a save file. check the file has been created using esfile explorer (device is rooted). stop the app. go to the mac and hit build and run in unity with the same bundle id in the player prefs. One weird thing i noticed: if i keep the folder that holds the save file open during the installation, when unity is displaying "pushing new content on device ......" suddenly all the files disappear, which would lead me to think that somehow the file is moved/deleted. Would anyone know if the file is getting deleted? and if yes of a possible work-around ? I have tried looking it up on google but could not find find anything, i know not many crazy people try to update an app with a different engine, but i'm sure if it was a common issue I would have found at least a mention of it somewhere. Thank you for reading.
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Hi, I'm sorry, but we do not support rooted devices.
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