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Jerry suggested

Allow Alexa to have multiple personas

Consider a conversation going like this with a user named Harry.

  • Harry : Alexa, can you summon Dumbeldore on stage so that I can talk to him. Alexa : Ok, summoning Dumbeldore.
  • Dumbeldore : Hello Harry. Harry : Can you tell me something about hogwarts?
  • Dumbeldore : Sure Harry. Hogwarts is a school for young wizards and witches. Do you want to be a wizard?
  • Harry : Yes, teach me some spells.
  • Dumbeldore : Spells cannot be taught, you have to experience them.
  • Harry : You are a bore, Can I talk to Hagrid?
  • Dumbeldore: Bye Harry.
  • Hagrid: Well Hellooo Harry!
  • Harry : Gotta go Hagrid. Bye!
  • Alexa : I am back, what did I miss?

The names changing in the above conversation indicate a voice change and the switch to a secondary character and responsebehaviour. To switch back to Alexa, you would have to say good bye and the wake word also switches.

If we could develop some persona's like this in addition quite like the skills, it would be a novel way to interact with the amazon alexa products. The skills are great but it feels like you need alexa as a go between for every skill. Alexa ask xyz to do this. Alexa open xyz. Alexa ask Space Factoid to tell a space fact.

It is effective but the conversation does not feel complete.

It would seem like Alexa device has split personality but it would be great interaction for kids and even adults too.

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