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Intercom Compability with Nucleus Full House Music

I have been looking for some time for a smart home option for an intercom replacement. I was excited when Nucleus was introduced and the Echo products began to evolve. When I saw the Alexa integration with Nucleus and the grouping function for Echo devices, I took the plunge and outfitted my home with Nucleus devices in place of my intercom and wove my Echo devices in between any "blind spots" for a great intercom experience. An intercom system for the last 30-40 years has been focused around 3 features...Room to Room, Broadcast, and Whole home music. These three features were available in my previous (30 year old) intercom system, and have been elusive in a smart home environment. When I gathered these items together, I expected with Alexa integration to have whole house music, and Nucleus has the other two features all figured out (room to room, and broadcast all devices). The later is true, but the limitation in the environment and the area that the Alexa falls short against a 30 year old technology is the whole house music. I have spoken with customer service for both Nucleus and Alexa and neither takes responsibility for this shortfall. As a business owner and problem solver, I have determined that this shortfall is only due to Amazon and the Alexa team. This limitation is a known expectation for any company selling a full feature intercom, and should have been a part of the agreement with Amazon. I have pre ordered an echo with smarthub, but without the integration, I have no need for either nucleus or Echo. I can go back to my Intercom (30 year old technology) that puts both of your systems to shame. I have enjoyed every feature, but the limitation here is ridiculous and does not serve your customer. I have considered moving from Nucleus to the Show, and the issue here is the size of the item (I have mounted the Nucleus on the wall in place of the previous room speakers) and to be quite honest, the best I could hope for would be a 3" profile sticking out from the wall. This does not work for me, and the second issue with the Show is the lack of "broadcast" to make it a reasonable intercom. It will work as a call to one room, or outside of the home, but as an intercom replacement, it is poor and will not suit my needs. So I am at a crossroads, and feel that I will need to return all products and cancel my preorder until a company that chooses to replace ALL intercom systems in the country comes along. I am providing this feedback on several forums, as well as personally to all that will listen. Please fill in the one glaring gap in your system, and provide support for Nucleus all room music to work with Echo devices. This is within your ability could be done easily by adding Nucleus to a skill and allowing them to be grouped with Echo for the play music function. Please make this happen, and update me as soon as you have feedback or plan to add this feature. email me at

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