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Idea for the fight against copycats = ONE BRAND NAME FOR EACH USER


I think it´s a huge problem that the copycats can hide theirselves behind the fact that you can choose different brand names... Every item a different brand name makes it CONFUSING to find them and to chase them and to get an overview over the amount of copied designs...

I think if EVERY MERCH DESIGNER WOULD ONLY BE ABLE TO CHOOSE ONE BRAND NAME FOR ALL UPLOADED ITEMS IT WOULD BE MORE HELPFUL TO CATCH AND FIGHT AGAINST THE COPYCATS! And it would be more effective for the amazon customers to find good designs and to buy from the same seller...

A lot of real designers are afraid to use one brand name for all their designs in this time because they are afraid of the copycats... Because they steal the whole package.... BUT IF EVERY MERCH DESIGNER HAS ONLY ONE BRAND NAME your amazon team can control the uploads to one accounts more effective and eleminate all the copycats easy and uncomplicated.... Because the copycats could only choose one brand name too and they could´nt upload pixel to pixel copies anymore to amazon merch without getting seen and found quicker and accounts could be eleminated/ terminated sooner!!! Click on the Brand name- see a Bunch of Stolen Designs in the Portfolio- Report the copycat and Au Revoir...


Think about the future if you have 10000000000 different brand names on your amazon site... That won´t look trusted in the future... But if you only have 100000 different brand names and you can see whole portfolios of ONE USER AND all the uploads by clicking on the brand name...

I think that would be great....

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Lohengramm commented

I am against this idea.

I made the mistake of uploading to a PoD site that has a similar policy, and all my designs were stolen within minutes by what I assume was a bot that simply mass-downloads new designs and reposts them to other sites. Anyways, more reasons this is a bad idea:

  1. It would deny honest designers the ability to build multiple brands around different niches.
  2. It would paint a target on the back of more successful merch sellers, making it easy to identify their accounts, inviting retribution from jealous and anti-competitive sellers.
  3. It would shine a giant spotlight on your market research, allowing the most cut throat sellers to pilfer your ideas as soon as you publish them. Say goodbye to quiet profitable niches and hello to a flood of knock-offs. Aggressive sellers will use web bots to stalk successful accounts, automatically downloading any new designs published, which they will send out to their designers to copy. Unethical sellers, meanwhile, will simply repost your designs to other PoD sites as-is. Instead of ending the copycat plague, you'll have just made it MUCH easier for them to sell your shirts on non-Amazon sites.
  4. Do you want a website where people can look up the total royalties of every single merch designer? Because within months of this policy being implemented, someone will design an application that collects BSR and sales information of every single merch account. Your sales numbers will be public knowledge and that knowledge will be exploited by unethical people. People will create "top 1000 merch sellers!" type sites, and the top sellers will see a huge increase in people knocking off their designs.

Any policy that penalizes honest designers in order to tackle the abuse of underhanded sellers is a bad policy. There are way better ways of dealing with pixel thieves.

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But: If you´re delivering/ uploading good and high quality artworks... I think you have the right to be the first in the ranking...

So: Not remove the BSR--- Don´t forget: Amazon is a selling website....

Customers want to know what designs/ items are good or bad...

Without BSR some customers wouldn´t know what to buy..

To all the other points: For example on youtube... No one cares about those guys who are making millions of youtube money... Everybody knows that some youtubers are making a lot of money and some are making no money... And yes, there are rankings out there... But: That´s life! Good and talented people will ever making money and will ever be confronted with jealousy and hate-attacks...

If you work hard and ever respect the law and "rules of the game": You will have no problems....

But it´s fact: If Copycats only can use one brand name, too...

You can click in the portfolio of all uploaded items....

See that he/she has only uploaded stolen designs---

And: BAM they have to go and getting their whole accounts cancelled!

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Ricardo Almeida commented

This thing is starting to smell like an inside job.

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CanadaMediaGuy commented

people need to be able to protect brands / have multiple brands of differentiated shirts

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