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T Shirts as a story

10-16-17 Whew... I finally got T Shirts as a Story out to my main website.

T Shirts as a Story at the Pistonrobot website

I also of interest did manage to "pull apart" the Amazon suggested template. Wow, does it have a bunch of embedded stuff and imagery in it. Its setup (I think) is optimized for the Adobe crowd, so I had to first get an understanding of how to take the Amazon template apart with Corel. (I use CorelDraw). But now I have png versions of the fronts and backs of T Shirts in the real actual Amazon colors. I was quite surprised, I made a "light blue" color for a T Shirt using my own feelings about what would make a good "light blue." And (I thought) it was a good light blue, but, yikes, it does not transmit or display well on websites... so strange. But the Amazon colors do, at least the ones that live inside the Amazon T Shirt template. So I teased them all out and saved blanks of T Shirt fronts and backs, in the Amazon T Shirt colors. Now, if I can just get enough time to create some more images, then I can lay these images on the T Shirts png's and show them off at my website. Yay FOR Me! And here's a weird thing, I have already created images of some of my Amazon T Shirts using this process of CorelDraw working on Amazon's template pieces, and, well.... those images of T Shirts get picked up directly by search engines. So.... you type some of your descriptive words into a search engine, and ..... poof....there's your T Shirt. Surprised me.

09-21-17 I should mention that Amazon accepted a bunch of these TShirts designs mentioned in this "T Shirts as a Story" post. And now they can be seen if you go to the Amazon main sales site and search using the word "Pistonrobot." Reality Contact Area TShirt I've got to get all the in-between T's made that show the Turning Prayer images. And here's another weird thing. Amazon gives one basically 3 spots to write in some original words to "ride along with" a TShirt. Spaces #1 and #2 are in the features area. The third space is in the area labelled "Product Description." Well.... silly me, I am such a scientist. I figured that if there was a thought to have some words connected to a product, well.... why not in an area labelled "Product Description." Ha, but if you read about this at the Amazon Merch Forum, it turns out that the area labelled "Product Description" is not used for anything. Its not how searches are worked out. It turns out that the only words that pull into searches are words in the areas labelled "Features." Who knew? Anyway, for each of my T's, I try to tell little one sentence stories about what the TShirt is about. I try to set my T's so the image on the back starts the story and the image on the front either makes the point of the story, or shows how it all ended. I originally had all that as words in the Product Description area and so I have now moved the words up to the Features area. We'll see. And here's another weird thing. I've always felt the Turning Prayer was such a pretty object, really just if it was only considered as a art object, and the image and design possibilities demonstrated by the Turning Prayer medal could so easily be pushed out into a wide variety of subject areas. SO....popularize the concept, get it as images, put them on TShirts, get the TShirts in circulation, and then the public is becoming aware of this relatively new form of jewel art. But so many of the Turning Prayer images are already on Google, which I think is wonderful, yet from a sequencing viewpoint, I can't figure out how that worked that way. I do feel that it is becoming so much more clear to me that from the viewpoint of marketing, I am just clueless.... Oh well. pg

Well... I was considering whether one could tell stories with T Shirts.

With double sided printing each TShirt carries 2 images. With 3 TShirts one would have 6 images. I was wondering about the idea of a boxed gift pak. It would be a box with 10 8x10 glossy somewhat heavy paper pages inside. These pages would have a combination of words and images and would tell a story, much like a book, except no cover and no bindings. Then the box would also contain 3 TShirts and the images on the TShirts would be a selection taken from the images on the pages. The effect, at least at the children's story level, would be that the parents could get out the pages and read the story to the children and let them look at the images, then the next day as the kids got ready for school or daycare, they could pick out one of the TShirts that had images from the story.

I don't know, I never have much luck predicting what people would like.

Anyway, I wrote about this topic at my LinkedIn page, the address is below. pg

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