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Ability to make playlist w/ Amazon unlimited 2.99 Echo service.

currently you have 3 ways to listen to music through Amazon Echo.

1.) Free Amazon music ( 2 million song bank)

2.) Amazon Unlimited 2.99 (10 million song bank)

3.) Amazon Unlimited All devices 8.99 ( 10 million song bank)

If you have options 1 or 3. You are able to use your devices fine with Amazon Echo. You can make playlists and play them on Amazon Echo .

You can say " Alexa play my fishing playlist"

She will play it. The problem is that I do not listen to music on my phone so I do not find the justification To pay 8.99 for unlimited all devices.

I have the 2.99 unlimited Music for Alexa but there is no way to make playlists with the 10 million song data base. I have tried everything by your support so make sure you have the 2.99 music plan b4 you tell me to do something because I've tried it and it does not work. So I can not make a playlist. Anytime I want to play a song in the 10 million song bank. I have to tell Alexa to play it. The problem is songs by Spanish, German, Swedish remixes I can not pronounce so I do not get the right song. Use Shazam once on a song you like. If it's hard to pronounce, try telling Alexa to play it. Better yet, if you get Alexa to play it, there's a 95% chance you forget the song because there is no way to save it or store it in a playlist. I think the free music app on the phone should allow you to put 2.99 10 million song bank on the playlists. When you play your playlist on your phone, it only plays the free songs you r supposed to get but if you are listening to that playlist on Alexa, it will play all songs on playlist.

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