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Amazon Echo Show Youtube Playback Issue with Double NAT'd Network

This is a feedback for the Alexa Development team so they can be made aware of Youtube Playback Issues via an Echo Show device when the home network is Double NAT'd. To give some background I purchased a Echo Show device and got it up and running on day one except the one issue where I could search for Youtube videos and get the results in thumbnails on the screen; However selecting any video would result in a generic error message that said: Cannot Play This Video At This Time. I contacted Echo support after being unable to resolve the issue with a reset and the CSR assumed the unit to be defective so arranged for a replacement and had me ship the assumed to be defective unit to the Engineering team. The replacement had the same exact issues which led me to do some further analysis and packet captures to identify the issue. If the customers (myself in this case) has a home network that is Double NAT'd the issue can be reproduced. My configuration was ISP Gateway/Router Motorola NVG599 (192.168.2.X)--> Connected to SOHO Router in Bridged Mode ASUS AC66R (192.168.1.X)---> Connected to a Cisco Meraki MR18 AP IP assigned via the ASUS Router DHCP. With this configuration I could reproduce the error. I removed the ASUS router from the mix resulting in a single NAT configuration and I was able to play Youtube videos on the Echo Show without any issues. Maybe this information might be useful for the Echo Engineering Team so they can avoid returns from customers who might have a similar network configuration and face this weird quirk. Thanks,


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