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An option to allow cutomers to adjust the image quality on Merch T Shirts

I sent my image in to Amazon Merch to placed on a TShirt.

(Here's the image below)

The two images on the left are on the back of the T Shirt, and the two on the right are the images on the front of the T Shirt. You can see this T on Amazon now.

The image above at the top of this post is one I am considering for another Merch TShirt, my rendering program will let me again get front and back views, and will let me add the word: Pistorobot

But as discussed below, I feel these images are not really presenting the way I want on the T Shirts. This is why I am asking for a feature to be added where a more dense or thicker printing of the image could be requested.

I create the images so that the images themselves use color, design, and form to form an implication of movement. I have the specific purpose that when people see my images, the images themselves will act to let people imagine the robot like it was really real so they will become interested in the topic and (I hope) this will help enough interest to materialize that maybe the Pistonrobot will really be created. But the images need to be really pleasant art. Anyway, the Pistonrobot image on the TShirt just seemed "washed out" somehow. It was just not bright enough and it did not draw one's eye. My thought is that Amazon currently allows its Merch designers to stipulate that the "good" or "higher quality" shirt material will be used. Could Amazon Merch add another stipulation condition where the T Shirt designer could offer a "high definition image print" or "overprint" choice for customers. This "high definition image print" option would cost extra (my guess is it would add $10.00 to the cost of the T Shirt) and Amazon would explain that if this option were chosen, then the printing process would print the ink on the shirt and then re-print it again. The effect would be that the colors were in a thicker layer so that they could show contrast and fine details on the shirt material, and subtle color effects could occur. Amazon would explain that this thicker printing would make the TShirt more delicate, the image easier to damage, and would convert the shirt more into an art object worn to show off the imagery more than being just another tshirt to wear at a flag football outing. Anyway... anyone else think we should explore this?? pg

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