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Echo and amazon horrible customer service

Do not buy this piece of junk!! I got mine November 30th 2015, I didn't install it until December 26th, on February 15 2017 it stopped working. When I called amazon they told me it might be the Power cord and shipped me out a new one to try, once I got it I tested it out again with the new one hoping that it would fix the problem,unfortunately it did not and I had to call amazon back I was on hold for about 10 minutes only to be transferred again for another 10 minutes. When I was able to get someone on the line they told me on they can do is give me a twenty dollar discount off on a new one because it is out of the one year warranty. I told them it's only two month out of warranty and I didn't even use it that much, she then put me on hold to talk to her supervisor Tendai who said they'll give me fifty off of a new one, I told them why would I spend another $140 on something thing that will break again in a year! Tendai said sorry but that is all he can do and he said he agrees with me but it's amazon policy. I told him it sound like amazon doesn't care about its customers or back it's products. Do not but this garbage, I took a chance and supported amazing buying their new device right away and this is how they support their customers, shame on them. I am gonna cancel my amazing credit card and prime account! I'm also never gonna order from their site again. I'm very disappointed in them. I will be posting this review in as many places as possible.

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