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Idea to speed up review-process of Merch design submissions

Hello there!

I've sent my idea to the Merch support but was told to post here so it gets viewed and potentially verified. I will copy/paste the original text in here:

Dear Merch-team

My fiancee and I are selling our shirts via Merch for a couple months now. Just yesterday we were enabled to upload 2 new designs a day again. Very happy about that!

I uploaded 2 St. Patrick's Day shirts right away and also edited the pricing and text on some existing shirts. The St. Paddy shirts went through without a problem whilst the other shirts are still under review. This has happened before and made me wonder, if there is a way to streamline the process.

How about you set up a "flagging" system for the process that would mark e.g. if a design has been changed or not. In the example of my existing shirts it would flag the motive as "unchanged - passed review before" whilst it would highlight the price as "changed" as well as the text passages that were edited. Either via "brand name - unchanged" "bullet 1 - changed" "bullet 2 - unchanged" "description - unchanged" etc. etc.. I hope you get the idea.

Would that not help you guys focus on the parts that have been edited only instead of re-evaluating designs that have been up for months without a problem? Perhaps you are already using such a system already - in that case please excuse my lengthy mail.

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M commented

Yeah I'm afraid the support person who told you to post it here is just fobbing you off - there have been MANY requests over the last 15-months or so asking Amazon to implement a function for you to be able to change the Price of a listing without it going back into "review" etc. additionally or separately people have also asked for a similar function to allow for the selected shirt colors to be changed and for that also to not require a re-review. Basically this is the kind of functionality that would actually take a LOT of work overload away from the reviews team by greatly reducing the numbers of items potentially flagged for them to review or that then end up stuck in 'under review' or 'processing' etc and require support to get involved, but the simple fact is that Amazon doesn't seem to have any competent programmers on their staff who are capable of programming in new functionality, they've had over a year and still can't sort out the basic bugs in the coding like listings given the wrong price, so don't expect any changed like this (as extremely useful to both Sellers and Amazon as they are) until Amazon hire a couple of developers who actually know what they're doing - it kinda sucks to think Amazon's current developers are so incapable since there's currently such activity in these forums and a load of really great suggestions etc being made but nothing ever comes of them. :( :(

We sell on other sites as well, and one of them in particular when we or someone else posts about potential bugs or ideas for improvements they just tag in a developer onto the discussion and half the time it's been changed within a week, other times they'll add it to a timetable if it's a bigger change, or explain why it can't be done and suggest an alternative approach to see if sellers would be happy with that instead, it's f-ing brilliant

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I sell on other sites, as well. Kind of wish I knew what site in particular you were referring to.. sounds like Nirvana. :-)

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