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Organize Forums Better

Hi Amazon team,

I was just trying to find some info here on the forums, and was thinking that perhaps a possible improvement would be if the forums were organized a little better.

For example, instead of a flow of questions, from newest first, perhaps it would be helpful to have subforums for specific topics.

For example:

A sticky post by Amazon officials with the most important guidelines & basic rules.

A subforum for "How to join"

A subforum for "Just joined: Setting up, How to Start & Newbie Questions"

A subforum for "Tiers & Tiering up Questions"

A subforum for "Bug Reports & Problems with submissions" (Rejections, stuck in processing etc)

A subform for "Suggestion Box" ideas (eg suggestions for shirt colors and ways to improve Merch by Amazon in general)

A subforum for "Account termination questions & FAQ"


In addition to having a room for members to ask questions, each subsection can have:

- A clear FAQ section for Amazon officials to answer, to prevent them having to continually re-answer the same questions over and over again.

- An "announcments & updates" section for Amazon officials to post about, regarding the subforum in question.


Just thought a little re-structuring of the forum could be beneficial to members & Amazon officials alike to help everyone find the info they want easily and prevent the same questions being asked repeatedly on loads of different individual "questions" and uniting them all on one thread. At the moment it all feels a little messy to me; I think it could be better for all involved with a little better organization.

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