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T-shirt presentation

Display of t-shirt design on MBY is terrible boring and lifeless. Flat shirt on white background, this is not good looking. It's so much harder to "sell" this image vs. model wearing shirt in some nice environment. Even little background enrich will help. You know this is why fashion companies hire models and taking pictures in good looking places. Whole picture sell product not only design. MBY looks realy poor when you find it between other shirts pics (Amazon and Pinterest for example). Plain to the limit. Consider adding some background, models, way how t-shirt is put. Thanks!

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It is really a question of debate. May be it's my perception but many a times, a clear image might increase more clicks and eventually sell because a buyer can clearly get to see what he's going to get. On mockups with model, the design gets faded and has less exposure on it.

May be that's my perception though and without any real data, it'd be hard to judge or decide which one would be more appropriate.

But I agree with your general idea, there's a lot that can be improved to make the preview images more interesting! :-)

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Well, from what I see from Pinterest (boards with mixed programs clothes), pins from MBY got 0 or almost no likes, repins etc. where other "stuff" from board get at least some attention. Even when I scroll boards MBY "mockups" are not eye catchy for me. They are somehow plain and fade in comparision. I realy don't feel like I want to click on them. This is psychology, but it work. Same thing on Amazon. Other programs mockups look so much better for me (sometimes I even miss my own designs, even when I want to check their position and competition). Maybe Amazon know better, but this is what I think.

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You are right about social media promotion - presentation is all that needs to be if you do social media and are trying to gain traction there. For such cases, what I generally do is post a link manually and use my own image for it.

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Yes, my artists can make custom mockup, but there are build in buttons to social media (Amazon should check, how this auto generated pins, tweets etc. looks, for me medicore). When you have "live model mockup", you can see better how t-shirt and design fit. First impression is one time only, if wasted, customer will keep scrolling.

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