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Please add a Merch category and ranking system, as well as a landing page/node for the program as a whole

Currently, if a shirt is uploaded, it goes into the following category path: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry: Novelty & More: Clothing: Men's/Women's

The shirts are given a rank in the general "Clothing" category on the ranking charts, but there is no way, via the ranking charts, to view graphic/novelty tee rankings or to view Amazon Merch rankings.

As some Amazon veterans might know, not every single category on Amazon has a bestseller's page. Notably for the Amazon Merch crowd, there is no Bestsellers category for either Graphic/Novelty T-Shirts or for Amazon Merch.

Amazon Merch is also missing a landing page for users interested in buying Amazon Merch. Many other Amazon exclusive/focused platforms (e.g. Kindle Singles, Kindle Worlds, Launchpad, Underground) at least have a landing page where people can browse the products available through this programs. Example, if I wanted a cool new toy for a kid for Christmas, I could go to Launchpad, browse, and pick a toy out. If I wanted a cool graphic shirt available via Amazon Merch? No such luck. If you search for "launch pad" on the Amazon storefront, it shows a banner ad leading to the launch pad landing page ( The same thing happens for Amazon Underground and Kindle Singles if you search for "underground" or "kindle singles", but no such node/landing page banner ad appears when one searches for "merch", "amazon merch", etc.

The women's clothing rankings doesn't even have an option to view bestselling "T-Shirts", while the men's category does. For women, the categories are Clothing>women>Tops & Tees> Blouses & Button-Down; Henleys; Knits & Tees, Polos, Tanks & Camis, Tunics; Vests. Knits & Tees includes a variety of items that are not t-shirts, for example, jersey material fashion tops,. There is no women's category for women's T-Shirts on the bestseller charts.

The men's bestseller charts are still lacking. The bestseller categories go Clothing>Men>Shirts>T-Shirts, but this category includes plain shirts and undershirts, and there is no option to look specifically for bestselling graphic or novelty tees.

Every major shirt site has a way for users to see what shirts are "trending", which is essentially what the bestsellers (and Hot New Releases) charts show: what items are being purchased the most within a certain timeframe. Amazon is noticeably lacking this key feature. Including "Amazon Merch" and "Novelty/Graphic T-Shirts" as bestsellers categories would allow users to find shirts easier. Helping users find items easier = making more sales. It's that simple.

In sum:

- please make a specific Amazon Merch store category, so they can easily find Amazon Merch

- please make a graphic/novelty t-shirts bestsellers page, so users can see what is trending and make more impulse purchases

- please make an Amazon Merch landing page for buyers, so they can easily find Amazon Merch

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Hello Heather. Maybe you are new here or maybe not. There was talk of this a while back but I am not sure where the thread is/was. And, I believe at some point they did this and, possibly, even still have it. I can't figure out how to navigate back to it but I am sure someone else can chime in here and tell us if it does still exist. The push back on this sort of thing was that then the thieves can just come in and pick off every top seller and start a new store with all the top sellers. So, I personally don't think it is a good idea. But, who knows, maybe it is.

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Agree, will help thieves more than customers.

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@Jumping: Maybe there could be an option to opt-in or opt-out.

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