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Problems with the Live Pictures For the Tote Bags and Throw Pillows

As a person who does not own Photoshop who doesn't have the templates and using another program paint . net.

Things I would like to see improved.

1. The live image for the side of the tote bag is not even on both sides. It would be better if both sides of the tote bag matched exactly. Then, both sides of my design would also match exactly instead of looking off center to customers and standing in the way of sales.

2. When I have a live tote bag with a hard straight edge near the top of the tote bag, the stitching weaves in and out through my design like a drunken sailor, giving the impression that the bag has extremely wonky stitching. I would like to see the stitching appear absolutely, perfectly straight in those pics so that they don't drive away any customers that I might otherwise have. No one is going to buy a tote bag that gives the impression that it has uneven wonky stitching as if it was sewn by a drunken sailor.

3. The live pictures need to be exactly accurate as to how the design will actually look when printed on the pillows and the tote bags. That way, I don't have to guess whether my design is centered or if my design is crooked. Then I can know for sure that the problem, if there is a problem, is with my designs and not with the live pictures of the products that are provided by Amazon. Perhaps new pictures could be added to show the flattened tote and flattened pillow showing the design exactly the way it will appear when printed so that everyone will know for sure exactly how the product will look when they are printed and shipped to customers.

In my opinion, all of the above issues, if corrected and improved, will result in less returns by customers and more accurate designs by designers and more sales for Amazon and everyone concerned.

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