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Overhaul the entire platform

I've been on Merch since 2017 and out of all the POD sites - Merch by Amazon is by far the worse. You would think a company worth $1.7 trillion dollars would have one of the best designer friendly interfaces but instead we're stuck with crap. For starters I would like to see these features overhauled completely:

1. The search function - is garbage. I have over 120,000 designs live on Merch at the moment and the search function makes it pretty much impossible to find anything with this many live designs. I can't find anything when I search for something because it just brings up non relevant designs.

2. Editing/Deleting - is extremely time consuming. Give us a check/uncheck box for us to mass delete or edit designs quickly. This could be expanded to include check boxes to change prices and descriptions without having to open up multiple tabs.

3. Translations - should be automatically translated for us.

4. Copy descriptions to all marketplaces with one click - nobody wants to spend 5-10 minutes on a single design copying and translating titles, bullet points and descriptions to every marketplace.

5. Uploading - is atrocious, seriously. How hard would it be to implement a drag and drop upload process like redbubble or teepublic? This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I shouldn't have to resize the same design into 5 different files to fit 5 different products. This is incredibly time consuming on every level.

6. Getting paid - would love to see payments made the day remittance emails come out. Why do we have to wait 7-8 days after these emails are sent every month to get paid?

Payments should be made on the 21st every month.

7. Allow multiple tabs open when uploading - try being at tier 200,000 and uploading more than 3 shirts at the same time. Merch kicks you out and makes you resign in. Multiple tabs were allowed back in the day. Bring this back.

8. Content policies - some are unclear and vague.

9. Account health - as designers, we should be made fully aware of our accounts health. A simple A,B,C,D,F grade system would be sufficient.

10. More products released regularly - new products are released at a snails pace. Blows my mind that something like throw pillows and tote bags were released before stickers and baby clothing. Keep us excited and give us new product templates before they are dropped on merch for us to use. It would benefit designers immensely to have access to new sizing templates so we can work on products and have them ready immediately once new products are enabled. A simple dashboard message a month or two before new products drop would be amazing.

Before any of you say anything, I'm well aware that pretty merch and productor can do most of this but my point is - we shouldn't have to rely on those extensions in the first place. Amazon is 100% capable of implementing every feature those extensions offer plus more. It's pathetic seeing companies like redbubble go above and beyond Amazon when it comes to simple stuff like this.

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I can add one here : why isn't my Merch by Amazon account linked to my Amazon Professional Seller account, since I already have one?? I emailed about this and was told my Merch by Amazon account was linked to my "buying account" because that feature "wasn't available through their portal". Well, that left my head spinning. The reply also mentioned to post a suggestion to allow the community to vote on the idea and provide additional feedback.

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