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HUGE PROBLEM with Recent Deletion Changes in Uploader Tool.



Feedback for the MBA development team:

So sometime recently there was a change with how the uploader tool performs whenever a product is deleted and then re-uploaded within the uploader.

It's a MAJOR issue that the MBA team needs to understand the problem it causes, I don't think they considered fully how it affects quality control and other issues.

If you delete a product, you can no longer upload a new file if you try to re-list it. It keeps the old file and only that can be re-listed.

I accidentally uploaded the wrong file to a new listing for a pillow, this listing already had several products attached to it (popsocket, phones, totes). Once I realized this error and deleted it, I then tried to re-upload the correct file... but the way the platforms behaves now since the last few months is that I can no longer upload a new file... It perpetually attaches the initial file uploaded (in this case the wrong one). The only way around this is to create a new and separate listing which makes no sense to do especially with the muli-uploader tool designed to consolidate everything into one place. If you want to keep everything consolidated together then the only other option is to delete everything within the listing and start over, but then you lose sales, BSR, and reviews for the products that did not need the file updated!!

When I contacted support, of course, I was completely blown off in several back and forth messages, there was no acknowledgment of my direct issue and I was given generic responses which was extremely frustrating to be blown off and directly ignored several times.

I had to open a second case, and finally got a response that basically said the only solution was to delete everything and start the listing over (if I wanted to keep everything consolidated under one listing). This means I would lose ALL sales numbers, BSR ranking, and reviews for the other products in the listing, and if I didn't do that, I could list that product separately which would then be split into 2, that makes it a major headache to manage the listing and easily forgotten about if it's not attached to the others. AND completely defeats the purpose of the benefits of the multi-uploader tool that was created.

Before this change, you could delete a unique product and re-upload a new image within the multi-uploader. I used this method from time to time because sometimes I would upload in error the wrong file, or needed to make a change to the file like the size should be bigger or smaller for aesthetics purposes, or some adjustment that makes it better. No problem, delete and then reupload, but now that can no longer be done???!!!

I understand not being able to upload a new file while the product is LIVE, but if it's been deleted then we should be able to relist with a new file. This is essential in cases where there was an error or the file needs to be refined. This is quality control!! Why did you take away our ability to manage quality control??

So, I am aware that likely this was an intentional change on MBA's end for what reason I do not know, yet I'm not sure how they expect us creators to deal with issues like ACCIDENTLY UPLOADING THE WRONG FILE!!! Or a quality control issue where the file needs to be updated for best aesthetics?!?

I want to work with MBA to make the platform operation smooth and efficient for all of us.... and this change, I have no idea why it was done, but it's now created an adverse effect that as one of your creators I feel is a MASSIVE issue for listing efficiency

Again, the preferred MBA solution is to delete the entire listing and all products attached to it... and start over?!?!?! But then we lose sales, BSR, and reviews! That totally sucks MBA. Do you get it? That HURTS US.

I don't know what the best solution is that addresses quality control on our end while at the same time being able to keep everything within a listing intact? I don't know why MBA made the change that a deleted product within a listing can no longer be uploaded again with a new file?! It makes no sense from my side, but maybe it had something to do with data management on MBAs end? I'm sure you had your reasons, but did you consider how it affects us in this way? Whatever the reason, WE NEED A BETTER SOLUTION. ASAP.

Please take this seriously.

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