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Dear Amazon-team,

For a better, streamlined experience I'd like to suggest ideas I got after having some experiences with Amazon's service team and the Merch platform since I am in T100k.

  1. Uploaded designs should have a general check per market. If I upload a design and select it for five products in France, wouldn't it be better and cheaper to check a single entry and treat the design as one instead of multiple ones? MBA already has changed that we create one design, one description per market. So instead of risking maybe five rejections, it would be better to have one rejection per market. This could also help when communicating with the support team.
  2. Improved Email Subjects. I had to communicate with Amazon on several issues. When I reply to an email I get an email with a case number, but it's hard o know what they are referring to. Could all emails immediately get a case number to refer to or could you integrate the subjected design/product in the subject? At the moment it's a mess.
  3. Improved Email Texts: Furthermore would I suggest to include the detailed issue in an email. If there is a text about a trademark violation I need to ask first which text is violating a trademark. This costs Amazon time and money and me does it cost time.
  4. Though not a popular issue, I want to campaign for a strike counter again. I got told we don't have these rights because we are designers, not sellers, giving Amazon rights to use our images. I disagree, because we are writing Amazon via a merchSELLERS email and so on. A counter is also an educational issue that could reduce the workload for Amazon and it's employees who are working on Merch by Amazon, because we will be more careful. People will rather try to check their limits with no clear limits set rather than with. This gives us all some safety, because at the moment we are sweating a lot when submitting because it's not clear if we make a mistake and which silly mistake is our last one.

Thank you for reading. I hope this helps Amazon to improve Merch by Amazon.

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