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Integrate the Alexa Developer Portal with a boilerplate/mockup code generator 1-CLICK WIZARD tool

To develop a skill from scratch is not trivial also for an experienced developer and it is too hard for a beginner! My proposal is to integrate a skill boilerplate / mockup code generator into Alexa Developer Portal.

Just as a proof-of-concept, the code generator tool could be something like like this:

So, the code generator generates a mockup / boilerplate code starting from a Language Model JSON:

{ "interactionModel" :
  "languageModel": {
    "types": [
        "name": "BreakfastItemSlotType",
        "values": [
and, in case of NodeJS/lambda function option (just as an example), the result could be an index.js file like:
const Alexa = require("ask-sdk");

Or, following the way I'd prefer (I call it 1-CLICK WIZARD), starting from the intent model, a wizard could drive developer to generate the cose with few flags/options (to chose programming language, lambda-function or webhooks-server, multilanguage support, APL or not, etc, etc.etc.

The 1-CLICK WIZARD could save bunch of hours of coding saved!

Details about options:

- code generator could be for ASK foreseen languages: nodejs, python, java, etc., and why not, also for produce flat Request and Response JSON for any #AlexaSkill server.
- The code-generation feature could be perfect sub command for ask cli. Automatic deploy to a lambda function ( or just generate source code files to deployed by developer afterwrd).

I also proposed the change request to the Alexa uservoice portal;
Please VOTE the proposal:

Let me know your thoughts in comments.


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