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Personalized Gift Subscription Boxes

I had an idea for Amazon, and this is my first time here, so I apologize if it's posted in the wrong place, with the wrong tags, etc. If it is, then I'll drop and give you ten or run a lap...

Everybody likes to receive a surprise package in the mail. Heck, I get excited just seeing a new package in my mailbox even if it's something practical that I've ordered.

Gift subscription boxes are very popular now a days, but some of them are pricey, and range from $25 a month to hundreds of dollars.

This is my idea and proposal:

  1. People can choose to get a random gift off of their Amazon lists.
    1. They would input a price range (i.e. between $5-$50, and obviously it could be more, I'm just using this as an example)
    2. A time frame (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
    3. a category, i.e. books, CDs, makeup, or "doesn't matter", meaning anything off of the list in that price range is fair game.
    4. and then based on those parameters, Amazon ships them out something random and unexpected and brightens up their day.
  2. These items would then be charged against their account's saved preferred method of payment (i.e. a credit card, paypal, Amazon bitcoin, whatever)
  3. The other way to do it, is based on people's likes and previous buys, Amazon would ship you something that's NOT on your list, but seems like something you would like. This is more in line with a regular subscription box, and more random, but could be more fun.
  4. You could also have people send a friend/relative/whatever something random, i.e. they would use the service as stated above, but it would be for someone else, you just pay for it. For example, the husband, who has no clue as to what to buy his wife, could have once a month, something random from her own list sent out, or the mom who wants to send something to her kid in college every week, as a way to say I love you.
  5. This would generate more income for Amazon, and might expand people's horizons if they chose the "completely random, i.e. #3) method.
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