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Maybe not so useless?

Alexa has got to be the most useless product I have ever seen. What can it do that I can't already do with the push of a button? Cut my lights on and off? That'll be about $150.00. Want to play some music? That'll be plenty of cash for a half way decent collection from Amazon. Want Alexa to control the TV power,channel etc etc etc? That'll be about $100.00. What about Alexa is useful that is worth me sinking hundreds (or maybe thousands) of dollars into that I can't already do myself for free or at the push or a button? Also, there is no way for her to know what brand/type/how many of stuff I want. Say I want her to order some food items from what? She might not choose the brand or quantity of what I want. She doesn't use Google either from what I have read. Want to know your favorite sports team score? Cool, got that covered, want to know who scored? Out of luck. I have spent more time asking this thing a question that she can't even answer (such as who scored in the game etc etc etc) that I can't just Google myself and have the answer to instead of waiting on her to tell me she doesn't understand 3 or 4 times. Not to mention that it is SUPER creepy to have something always listening in your home.

I don't expect it to just come into my house and be able to control everything without some set up, but look at the prices. About $500 for the lights in my house, $200 or so for smart outlets, $100 to control my TV, and not to mention the price of whatever subscription services you will want just to watch a movie or play music. I have never once in my life been so inconvenienced by something as simple as cutting on the electric tea kettle that I felt I should spend almost $100 to make that problem go away. Is pushing a button to pause a movie such a hassle that I need a device to do it for me? This thing is nothing more than a gimmick and serves no purpose other than get people to buy more stuff from Amazon. I believe she will be turned into a nice hockey puck at my next game.

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