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How do I transfer my company's account ownership to a new owner?

The account owner is the only administrator user on your Amazon Appstore developer account who cannot be removed by any other account administrator. Please note that every Amazon Appstore developer must have a single account owner under the "User Permissions" list. If you would like to transfer your company's account ownership to a new owner, please first make sure that the new account owner has administrative privileges on your company's account.

To invite a new administrator to your company's account, please log in with administrative privileges and go to "Settings" > "User Permissions" > "Add New". Make sure to add the new user (the email address) with an "Administrator" role. Once the invitation has been accepted and the new user is added as an administrator on your company's account, please contact us by signing into your developer’s account and go to “Support” > “Contact Us” with a request to change your company's account ownership and provide the email address of the new account owner. We will be able to assist from there.

Reference Article:How do I add new users to my developer’s account?

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