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Introducing the AVS Device SDK

An easy-to-use SDK to quickly create device software for Alexa-enabled products. The AVS Device SDK provides C++-based libraries to add intelligent voice-control to connected products by providing components to process audio inputs and triggers, establish persistent connections with AVS, and handle all Alexa-driven interactions.

Learn more about the AVS Device SDK and build your first prototype using the included sample app.

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Looks really promising, if only I could get it to work. :-) Are there tools for debugging Alexa interactions somewhere that I just haven't found yet? I am trying to get the sample app running on a Raspberry Pi 3 and not getting any audio out.

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Also, while the quick start guide for rpi was mostly excellent I did strike some issues:

  • inconsistent language between the new AVS console and docs is confusing
  • app requires flask but not told to install it (had to install pip and then flask)
  • some commands required sudo and this was not mentioned (or explained)
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@erik-amzn I made some notes about my experience building the sample app on the Pi here that might be useful feedback:

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