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How does voting on the Amazon Developer Forum work?

As you know, we have multiple feature request, or ‘idea’ spaces available for different Amazon services such as Alexa and Merch. Not only is this area for you to let us know your most requested features for these programs, but it also allows you guys to moderate what is wanted most using votes. If you look at any of our current feature requests in any of these spaces (and there are quite a few!), you’ll notice a vote button to the side of these ideas as well as how many votes the idea has received so far.

Clicking that button (or pressing ‘Like’ in the thread) will bump that number higher, and that gives both your fellow users and us at Amazon a better understanding of what you guys want. You can also see the status of the idea by checking out the linked colored label.

Now, if you’re familiar with this process, you should also be aware that we originally limited votes to 20 per user. After you used those 20 votes, you were unable to contribute to these discussions using just votes. Understandably, this could be frustrating for some, so we decided to remove this boundary which means you can now vote on as many ideas as you wish with no limit. We are always monitoring these forums and passing on your amazing ideas to those relevant teams when possible, so you’re now encouraged to keep submitting ideas and voting to really have your voice heard now more than ever.

If you have any questions on the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here, or post on forum help space here.

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