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How Do I Test My App (Simulator, Beta Test, Physical Device)


When developing Android applications for Amazon devices, it’s always a good idea to test your app before submitting it to Amazon Appstore. While there are no dedicated emulators or simulators for Amazon Fire TV or Fire tablets, there are several other ways you can test your application before releasing it.

The first (and easiest) option is to use Amazon’s App Testing Service to see if your application is compatible to be submitted to Amazon Appstore. All you need to do is upload your .apk file and Amazon will perform a set of quick tests to see if the app is compatible to be run on Amazon devices and distributed via Amazon’s Appstore. Start here:

Since it’s not a comprehensive test, but rather a check for compatibility, if you want to perform actual user testing, you can use Amazon’s Live App Testing service to run your alpha/beta tests, where you can invite other users to test your application before it goes live:

Live App Testing is the best way to test your app on as many devices as possible before releasing it. For development and debugging purposes, we strongly advise our developers to use a physical device to test and debug their apps. If, however, you need to test it on more devices and the concern is only screen resolution, aspect ratio, memory, etc. -- then you can create a standard AVD image with various values to match Fire devices. Amazon device specifications can be found here:

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