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How to submit expansion files for my app to Amazon Appstore


If you previously submitted an application to Google Play store and your application was larger than 100 MB, you probably noticed that it needed expansion files. Expansion files are required when you upload an application to Google Play store and when that application is larger than 100 MB. It's a feature specific to Google Play store:

Amazon Appstore does not have specific application file size restrictions and it does not support expansion files. However, you can upload applications larger than 100 MB directly, without requiring expansion files. Simply build your .apk without splitting it, and upload your app as a single .apk file. If your application is smaller than 150 MB you can upload it directly via a web browser in your Developer Portal account, but if it's larger than 150 MB, we ask you to upload it via FTP:

Additionally, don't split your application to create a Binary Blob / .obb file either, because Amazon Appstore does not support that: "Binary blobs (.obb) are not supported by the Amazon Appstore, so it is up to the developer to install external resources in the proper path after downloading them at runtime, and to submit an APK compiled without .obb files." (

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