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International Skill Distribution


When it comes to skill distribution, there are two separate but related components to consider:

  1. The "Language Settings" for your skill.
    • To add a language to your skill, click the language drop-down menu under the "Build" tab and then choose "Language settings".
    • On the "Language settings" page, click "+ Add new language" and then choose the language to add.
    • Click "Save".
    • This relates to which language a user has selected on their Alexa-enabled device and has no bearing on their physical location.
  2. The "Where would you like this skill to be available?" option on the "Availability" section under the "Distribution" tab.
    • There are two possible choices, "In all countries and regions where Amazon distributes skills" or "Selected countries and regions:"
    • This refers to which country the user is physically located.

In order for a user to find your skill in the Alexa app, they must meet both conditions. The skill must be in the same language as their Alexa device, and be available in the country they are located in.

For more information and examples, please see the documentation below:

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