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Amazon Developer Forum Posting Guidelines

The goal of the Amazon Developer Forums is to provide a space for Amazon developers and content creators to ask questions, share information and provide feedback in a community setting.

The following guidelines are meant to foster an honest, respectful, and productive environment for all contributors. Please do your part in maintaining this constructive environment by following these guidelines and encouraging your peers to do the same. Users of these forums are expected to follow the guidelines that are in place across other Amazon websites, including

Participating in our community:

  • Respect: Share your opinions respectfully and maintain an open discussion with other members who may disagree or provide alternative feedback.
  • Productivity:Use the forums effectively and help others to do so by checking for answers and threads relevant to your question or feature request before posting. Make sure to provide all relevant and contextual data that will allow others to understand your inquiry. When your question has a correct answer, please go back and mark it as “Answered” to help the community share, develop, and retain knowledge.
  • Security & Privacy: In order to maintain account security, we cannot discuss account-sensitive questions in the public forums, including payments, test result clarifications and information regarding content guidelines. If you have a question regarding these issues, please create a “Contact Us” case with the relevant support team.

Members may contribute:

  • Questions specific to the forum space including general, technical or design inquiries
  • Comments, experiences and other contributions that are relevant to the thread
  • Feature requests and constructive feedback that tell us how we can improve our services
  • Information regarding their own projects (skills, apps) if they contribute knowledge to the community
  • Posts with external links that contribute information relevant to the space

  • Members may not contribute:

  • Postal addresses, phone numbers, private email addresses, links to personal information, or any other contact or identifying information
  • Links to external websites that are not relevant to the space
  • Content not relevant to the space
  • Images, comments, or material that is profane, offensive, intolerant, or bullying
  • Soliciting of donations or investment of personal/commercial projects

  • Community moderators may edit or remove posts which breach these guidelines. Users who violate these guidelines may find their account revoked. We may in our discretion make any change to these guidelines without notice to you. You are responsible for reviewing the revised guidelines and/or any applicable postings. Further, Amazon may terminate or suspend your access to the forums at any time with or without cause. Your use of the Amazon Developer Forums Community is subject to these guidelines and the Amazon App Distribution and Services Portal Terms of Use.

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I am writing a music trivia app. Alexa censors the answers. One answer is Joe Cocker. Alexa censors the word Cocker. Marcy Playground's only hit song was "Sex and Candy" and Alexa censors the word Sex. I an not trying to be profane or anything like that. Is there a way to not censor stuff?


Bob Pridgen

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