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Why some of my in-app items don't work?


In some cases when testing your In-App Purchasing implementation in Live App Testing environment you might receive an error when trying to test purchase an item. In certain cases, you might notice that some IAP items work, but some not, even within the same application. To troubleshoot those issues, please verify the following:

1. Make sure that all of your IAP items are actually Live. Even though you are testing your app with the Live App Testing and might think of your app as being in “draft” mode, all the IAP items that the app uses must be Live for them to be available to be tested. Therefore, please check that you actually submitted all of your IAP items that you want to test, and then they are shown as approved and Live. Please make sure that at least several hours have passed since those items have gone live, to give them sufficient time to refresh on Appstore servers / cache and become available to your app.

2. Make sure that the application you are testing is actually downloaded from Amazon Appstore. This is because for IAP to work in Live App Testing and also Live environments, the app has to be downloaded from the Appstore. If you simply sideload the app, for example running it directly from your dev environment (e.g. Android Studio) to your device, IAP will not work and you might see an error message. Sideloading from Android Studio is OK when you are testing IAP with the App Tester and the JSON data, but won't work with live IAP items from the Appstore.

3. If the same set of IAP items works fine with App Tester, verify whether you’ve done any modifications to the JSON file. As some of your IAP items might be in draft mode and some Live, to be absolutely sure, please delete the JSON file on your device, then re-download the JSON file with IAP items from the Appstore, copy it to your device and re-test it with the latest version of App Tester. Verify that all items that are marked Live in Appstore, are actually working in App Tester as well.

4. When using Live App Testing and Live (Upcoming Version) please check the payment method used to purchase the IAP items. Are you using 1-click method? If so, login to your Amazon account, and verify that your 1-click settings are without any problems / pending issues -- verify you can actually purchase things with the settings you chose during IAP items purchase (credit card valid / not expired, etc).

5. You might be displaying your in-app items dynamically from your / 3rd party server. Every time you click on the store button there will be an interaction with the servers and it will display the in-app items in the app. However, when clicking on the Store the app might be receiving 503 Error code (Service Unavailable). Therefore, please make sure the server is up for in-app purchases. There might also be intermittent issues while connecting to your server (e.g. low Wi-Fi signal, bad connection to your server, etc). In that case, please keep re-trying or make sure the connection to your server is fast and reliable.

6. You might want to reset your environment and retry. Some of the things to perform in that case:

- Force stop and clear the data, cookies and cache for the App Store.

- Force stop the app.

- Check for memory available in the device.

- Restart the device and sync with the network.

- Delete few unwanted apps.

- Stop all apps running in the background.

- Check for Wi-Fi connectivity.

- Possibly re-install the app if the issue persists.

If none of those are able to solve your issue, please login to your Dev Portal account, click the Contact Us link, and let us know about your issue providing details about your app and IAP items, so we could investigate this further.

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