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How to Post an Effective Feature Request

We are excited to launch the Ideas content type within our forums to hear about your experiences and feature requests. To get started, browse to one of the following spaces: Underground Feature Request, Alexa Feature Request, or Merch Feature Request. Then click on "Post an Idea" on the top right of the forums.

When posting your idea, keep in mind that you are reaching not only fellow users within the community but our product and engineering teams with your feedback. To make your requests more effective, we have some pro tips shared below:

  • Give us context: Tell us about the current experience using the existing features or products you want to improve. This helps to educate the audience on your perspective so we all start on the same page.
  • Provide details: Now that we know the current experience, tell us what you are looking to change and be specific- where do you want the feature and what should it accomplish? Feature requests involve some storytelling to really share your vision effectively.
  • Describe the impact: If the feature request were implemented, how would it change your experience as a user and the overall community? Is there a measurable impact available? Would this translate to other services at Amazon, and would it help our customers?
  • Keep it Clean: Presentation matters to the members of the community voting on the idea. Be thoughtful with your use of formatting, media, and text. If using images, resize and label them appropriately and reference them in your post. Spellcheck your text and make sure the idea reads smoothly to someone that might not be as familiar with your subject matter.

Great feature requests incorporate these tips to tell us what is currently happening, what may be missing, and how the proposed change will help improve the product, the community, and the customer experience. Though all will be acknowledged, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that all feature requests will be accepted.

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