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07/20: Announcement: T-shirts showing as "Pending Your Approval"

From 07/19 3PM PST - 07/20 1PM PST, new t-shirts selected to publish live on Amazon were published as sample t-shirts. This means that the t-shirts are non-discoverable (you cannot search for them on Amazon). Even if you selected the button to "Sell on Amazon" when submitting your t-shirt, the t-shirt was only published as a sample due to this error.

If your t-shirt was affected, you can publish it live on Amazon from the "Manage" tab by selecting to "Sell on Amazon." Once you select to sell on Amazon, your t-shirt will go into a "processing" state where it will complete publishing steps to be searchable on Amazon.

This issue is now fixed for all t-shirts moving forward. If you want to share feedback or follow up questions about this issue, please comment below.

Thanks to Pratik for reporting this issue and to all of you in the community for growing with us as we build this program!

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I do not understand, have found a link, but did not find on amazon

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Select Actions and then select to Sell on Amazon - this will kick off publishing!

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I attempted to update a shirt from Pending Approval to Sell on Amazon and it would not kick off publishing; i receive an error message instead.

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