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Why are some of my shirt sizes showing as Currently Unavailable?

06/08/15: We’ve currently removed a few shirt sizes from sale due to unexpected demand. For customers, certain shirt sizes will show the options as “currently unavailable.” By removing these t-shirts from sale we are able to fulfill the customer promise of shipping their orders on time. This also helps us to avoid extending the shipping date for all Merch by Amazon t-shirts.

We are working to restore these options to customers as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and for being a part of our growing program.

We will post an update here once all t-shirt options are available for sale. We will monitor this thread to provide more information as we can.

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Leia, First it was just Black (all popular sizes, Medium, Large and XL) but today, Navy is shown as unavailable too for all sizes listed above in addition to Male 2XL as well. As you know, both of these colors are very popular and I have already noticed the effect of them being out of stock.

I'd appreciate if we can get any info on when they'll be back or how much progress Merch has made since the last 5/5/2016 notice. I'm sure others would appreciate the team keeping us informed of the on-goings too. :)


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