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Tech Note: GameCircle and Android Studio

Here are steps for getting GameCircle working in Android Studio:

  1. Download and unzip the Amazon Mobile App SDK:
  2. Either create a new project or open an existing android project in Android Studio
  3. Import the GameCircleSDK folder from the Mobile App SDK via File>”Import Module”
  4. Under File>”Project Structure”, navigate to your main application, then the dependencies tab.
  5. Under the dependencies tab, click the green plus sign on the right, then click “module dependency” and select the GameCircleSDK module that was imported earlier.
  6. In the AndroidManifest.xml for the GameCircleSDK module, change the package name under “package=”. The exact name does not matter, as long as it is not “”.
  7. In the AndroidManifest.xml for the main application, add the following:
    1. In the <manifest> entry, add “xmlns:tools=
    2. In the <application> entry, add “tools:replace=”android:label””
  8. At this point, doing a normal build should work.
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