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Update Mobile Ads Plugins for Cross-Platform Engines Released on 12/08/2015

We released a new version of our Mobile Ads Plugins for Cross-Platform Engines. This contained many fixes to the iOS support for the plugins as well as one fix for the Android support.

OS Plugin Release Notes:
  • All callbacks (delegates) should now be fired correctly in all Cross-Platform Engines
  • Apps may now maintain multiple interstitial ads, similar to how the Android plugin works. Multiple ads can be created and loaded, an then shown one at a time.
  • Only one banner ad can show at a time in each dock (one in 'top' and one in 'bottom'). Loading a different Floating Ad into a dock that currently contains a Floating Ad will cause the current Floating Ad to be removed from the screen before the new Ad is displayed.
Android Plugin Release Notes:
  • When an Interstitial Ad expires, it will no longer block new ads from being shown. An expired Interstitial Ad will now be ready to load new ad content into using the LoadInterstitialAd operation. If all available ads have expired, calling the ShowInterstitialAd operation will return FALSE and no ad will be shown. Likewise the IsInterstitialAdReady operation will return FALSE until one of the Interstitial Ads has successfully been loaded using the LoadInterstitialAd operation.
We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused you, and we thank you for your patience as we addressed these.
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