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Common Issues   


If you are having issues with live app testing, here’s a quick list of problems and their associated solutions for troubleshooting:

  • Why is my live app not showing up on my device?
  • Why did my testers not receive an email?
  • I just published a live app test, when will it be available?
    • It can take several hours to publish a live app test. You will get an email with further information once the publishing process is complete.
  • My live app test is not available on the Fire TV, how do I download it?
    • There is a known issue with certain live app tests not being available on the Fire TV. However, there is an easy workaround. Once you have received the invitation email, instead of selecting a device to download the build to, simply select “cloud only”. Once you have done that, you can go to the Fire TV itself and the app should appear in the apps menu, where you can install it directly on the Fire TV.

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