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Notice: Forum Infrastructure Migration

Welcome to the new Amazon Developer Forums! In terms of content and layout, most things should seem quite familiar. Your account's question and comment history have been retained and we've upgraded to a newer version of the same forum software.

The underlying infrastructure for the forums however has undergone a major upgrade and it's our hope that the forums will be more reliable and responsive going forward allowing us more time to focus on content, rather than maintenance.

Even though we have a re-direct in place for the old forums domain, if you haven't done so already, we would recommend updating your forum bookmarks to point to the new "" domain instead.

The biggest publicly facing change you should be aware of has to do with the new login system. You'll still use your Amazon email address and password to sign in but you may also receive an SMS message or push notification asking you to confirm your sign in, followed by a prompt asking you to grant the forums permission to view your Amazon profile.

Consequently, your public name in the forums will also now be based upon the "Name" value of your retail account as described in your "Login & Security" page.

Therefore, if you had already created a human readable profile name in our previous forums, you will want to update this "Name" value in your account in order to continue using that name. For step by step instructions, please see our knowledgebase article on the subject:
How To Change Your Display Name In Amazon Developer Forums.

In the event that you notice a problem with the new forums, please feel free to reach out to us directly by filing a contact us using the URL below. Choose "General Inquiry" for "Type", "Other" for "Category" and include "Forums: [Your Issue Summary]" in the "Subject" line:

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The forums are WAY more responsive and that's awesome! No more waiting for individual pages to load, they just pop right up! Great work, team!

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Really great job! Kudos!

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