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Unable to Locate Skill Immediately After Publication?

If you’ve just received an email stating that your Alexa skill has passed the certification process and will be available in the Alexa Skills Store shortly, congratulations! You may be excited to see your new skill in its live state in the Alexa App or in the retail web store. However, it’s important to keep in mind that skill ingestion may take some time.

Some common skill features that may take time to ingest fully are:

  • Skill icon(s)
  • Voice-enablement
  • Skill store searchability

If you’re unable to locate your skill in the Alexa App or in the retail web store, if the skill icons don’t show, or if you’re unable to voice-enable your skill, please try waiting for some time for ingestion to take place.

If you re-try later on and are still experiencing issues, please feel free to open a contact us case for further support.

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