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Troubleshooting Build Errors

A common reason that the interaction model build could fail is if the nameFreeInteraction container is not placed within the interaction model in the correct location. Please ensure that your nfi container is placed within the interaction model and parallel to the language model. Each supported locale must have its own nameFreeInteractionContainer. Slots are not supported in the nameFreeInteraction container sample phrases.

"interactionModel": {
"languageModel": {...},
"_nameFreeInteraction": {...}

Other common reasons for failure are as follows:

  • incorrect intent name
  • More than 5 skill launch phrases
  • More than 5 intent launch phrases per intent
  • Intent Launch Phrase is not part of intent’s language model
  • intent not included in language model
  • NFI Container does not have an ingress point field
  • NFI Container has ingress point field but the ingress point list is empty
  • Ingress point contains a null entry
  • Ingress point name is empty/blank
  • Ingress point does not have a valid type defined
  • Duplicate ingress points
  • Unsupported ingress points (Note: Built-In Intents are not supported)
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